The above are pictures of a piano I've tuned and serviced since 2006.  The owners are moving out of state.  It's a 1933 6' 2" Steinway Model "A", SN#276708.  It has a virtually perfect set of real ivory keys, and a sublime sound.  It's in original condition, but the hammers have been reshaped and are in fine condition.  It could use a complete rebuild, but is very serviceable as-is.  Appraised at $24,050.00, asking $19,000.00  Come play this piano and you'll know how great it is.  Give me a call at 623-696-8820 to arrange a tryout.  To see the appraisal, click 

Plus, here is more information the appraiser gave as to wholesale/retail/appraised value:

Average suggested retail value in as is condition = $31,265.00
Minimum likely = $26,757.00
Wholesale value in as is condition = $15,632.00
Minimum likely = $13,337.00
Appraised Value = $24,050.00 US dollars

So come play this piano!